Case Study

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Tanya (changed name) is an orphan child. She lost her mother due to HIV at age of 3 yrs. Her mother was commercial sex worker as she was illiterate and lost her husband at very early age. Her mother wants to educate her daughter hence she approached to the organization to provide shelter for her daughter to get education. She was only 3 yrs, when she got admitted to Amcha Ghar through CWC ( Child Welfare Committee) for care, protection and education. She was very calm, quiet and innocent during her childhood. Its very sad about her that she doesn’t even know who are her parents. Her mother wants her daughter to educate so handed over her to Amcha Ghar. As we know, education is most important, so she was admitted to Amcha Ghar English medium school. The little girl grew up with care and love of mother, sister and father at Amcha Ghar. She has been loved and protected by other inmates and now this little girl is completed 17 yrs of her beautiful life. She is perusing her career in 12th Std. in commerce faculty. She is very ambitious and wants to do Hotel management. Apart from studies she is very Hard working and always help to other inmates with necessary help in studies. She is very Fond of Cooking. She has completed Basic training in computers. The journey from 3yrs to 17 yrs has been successful and admirable.

Opinion & Observation:

Tanya is very intelligent, hard working, helpful and well mannered girl.


Sristi (Changed Name) was 3yrs when she came to Amcha Ghar. Her mother was commercial sex worker and lost her parents due to HIV Aids. She is orphan child transferred to Amcha Ghar for care, protection and education. She has seen her life as darkness. She is very sensitive and always remembers her parents. She grew up with love and care. All inmates love her and cared for her. She is turn up 16 yrs and studying in 11th std., the journey of her life from 3yrs to 16 yrs was very remarkable. Beside her studies she is very creative and good at arts and crafts, dancing and singing.

Opinion & Observation:

Sristi is very ambitious and challenging girl. She is very passionate about her career and wants to become Air Hostess. She is well behaved and well adjusted with other inmates. She is very helpful and obedient girl.

Jaya and Sushma

Jaya was 4 yrs when she and her sister Sushma got shelter in Amcha Ghar. Both sister lost their father when they were very small. Both sister used to live with her mother, who was illiterate women and stayed without roof on street. she worked very hard to earn money as house maid job but could not able to satisfied the needs and desire of both daughters. She became ill and got infected of Tuberculosis. She decided to hand over her both daughters to Amcha Ghar with the help of CWC to provide shelter, Food and Education. These both sisters grew up in Amcha Ghar with loving, caring and sharing. Jaya turn up 18 yrs, studying in class 12th commerce faculty and Sushma turn up 16 yrs, studying in class 10th. The journey for both the sister was very painful but they are proud to be a part of Amcha Ghar because here they got love of Mom and Dad, shelter and Education.

Opinion & Observation:

Jaya is very intelligent in studies and wants to choose her career as social worker. She wants to support and help many orphan children who have no body. she is a girl with lot of emotion and sorrows which she been across with her mother. she is helpful, well behaved with other inmates.
Sushma requires more attention as she is short temper and weak in studies. She is well adjusted with other inmates. She takes time to open up with other girls.