The Main Activities at Amcha Ghar Are

• Structured daily routine for children:

o Nursery to Senior kindergarten.: get up at 7am, breakfast, classes at Amcha Ghar School from 8:30-11:30am, lunch, nap, tuition from 3-5 pm
o 1st to 4th Standard: get up at 7am, breakfast, tuition from 9-11am, lunch, classes at Amcha Ghar School from 12:30-5:30pm
o 5th to 10th Standard: get up at 5am, breakfast, classes at Amcha Ghar School from 7-1pm, lunch and rest, tuition from 3-5 pm
o Group evening routine: tuition from 6:30-8:30pm, evening prayers, dinner, and night prayers. Thereafter children may finish studying or go directly to bed by 10.30pm.

• Nutritious meals, including daily breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.
• Hygienic washing facilities for the children and their clothing.
• Formal English Medium School.
• On-site skills training in computer technology, sewing, music, etc.
• Skills training placements in the community with local tradesmen.
• Life skills lessons on HIV/AIDS, first aid, relationships, personality development.
• Group and individual counseling.
• Sports and other recreational activities.
• Birthday celebrations: all the girls make a card for the birthday girl and sing for her before having cake. Each girl is given a new dress on her birthday. For those children who do not have living parents or relatives, a trustee brings cake and a dress.
• Celebration of all feasts.
• Monthly medical check-up and monitoring of height, weight and BMI.
• Beyond meeting the children’s physical needs, we aim to stimulate their desire to learn and help them find a Home “without walls.”