How We Started

Amcha Ghar is a NGO that provides a residential home for orphaned and semi-orphaned girls from the streets of Mumbai. In the 1990s, Agatha Susheela Dias and Anthony Dias were worked as a social worker in the streets of Mumbai. In 1995, they rescued a sexually exploited girl from the Mumbai Street, only to discover that no institutions would take her because she was not an orphan. They realized that no home catered to semi-orphan girl child or to those living in vulnerable situations. The girls were denied admission in homes if they had a single parent, despite the fact that the single parent often worked all day, leaving the girl to fend for herself or placing her in the care of sexually, physically or emotionally abusive relatives. After witnessing such helplessness, Mr. and Mrs. Dias were inspired to form a unique organization that would serve those living in such situations.

On April 14, 1996 in Uttan village at Bhayander, a committed team of social workers, attorneys, doctors, and well wishers joined Mr. and Mrs. Dias to give birth to Amcha Ghar. Starting off with providing a home to three girls, It has grown to a place that is now home to 25 girls and still growing. Since many years It also offers education to roughly 500 students in the Amcha Ghar School. They rehabilitated many girls for higher studies, working and their marriage.

Amcha Ghar focuses on early intervention, rescuing and rehabilitating young girls from the streets. When possible, Amcha Ghar also provides counseling and economic guidance to girls’ parents or relatives, with the ultimate aim of stabilizing the family environment and improving economic status so girls can be re-united with their families.

An identity of self-worth and acceptance is instilled in each child through the healthy family environment at the Amcha Ghar Home. Amcha Ghar now encompasses not only a Residential Home in the village of Uttan, but also an Extension Home for older residents who are working and pursuing higher studies in Bhayander. Amcha Ghar School provides English Medium formal education for younger beneficiaries as well as children of local fisher folk families. The demeanor and discipline of Amcha Ghar girls have earned them a respected reputation in both Uttan and Mumbai. Amcha Ghar strives to produce self-sufficient, empowered young women who can succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive world through settling them back to main stream of society.