Our Mission

We pledge to improve our girls’ lives, with our love, concern and dedication. Our vision is to produce outstanding citizens through holistic development of neglected girl children, thereby bringing them into the mainstream of society.

To achieve its mission, Amcha Ghar is firmly committed to values that underpin all of its actions and aspirations. These values are:

Right of The Child / Standards

The Right To Live In A Family Environment

Every child lives in a family, either with their parents or in an attachment based, family-style environment ware they have a sense of belonging.

The Right To a Stable, Loving and Nurturing Environment

Every child is provided the opportunity for attachment through a stable, loving and nurturing family environment.

The Right To Health Care and Nutrition

Every child receives regular, high quality medical attention; is taught good health and hygiene habits and is provided nutritious, delicious food at every meal.

The Right To Clean Water and Electrical Power

Every child receives consistent access to clean water and electrical power

The Right To A Quality education

Every child receives a quality education appropriate to their abilities and interests, supplemental enrichment programs and access to higher education and/or vocational training.

The Right To Equal Opportunities

Every child receives the same opportunities regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, origin, economic status, creed and/or handicapping condition.

The Right To Guidance

Every child is actively supported by caring adults who are invested in the child’s success.

The Right To Be Heard and Participate

Every child has the right to express their views freely in all matter affecting them. They are encouraged to develop and express independent thought.

The Right To Be Prepared For Active and Responsible Citizenship

Every child is taught responsibility, a sense of community and the importance of service.

The Right To Be Protected From Abuse and Neglect

Every child receives effective protection from harmful influences, abuse (physical and mental), neglect, corporal punishment and all forms of exploitation. Additionally, every child is provided opportunities to make complain to an identifiable third party.

The Right To Dignity and Freedom

Every child is treated with respect and encouraged to make personal choices – fostering a sense of dignity and freedom.

The Right To Spiritual Development

Every child is provided opportunities to develop a religious affiliation that promotes spiritual and moral development.