Visit Us As Tourist

We at Amcha Ghar Welcome you to Spend a day with Us…

Experience a day in the life of a former street child.

We are invite you to get off the beaten track and come visit us in Uttan, a fishing village near Bhayander, on the outskirts of Mumbai. We would like to share with you both our successes and challenges and give you the opportunity to experience a side of Indian life that the majority of tourists never see.

Amcha Ghar provides a unique glimpse not only of the problems facing girls on the streets of Mumbai, but of the path towards safety, growth, and healing.

The day promises not only to be a learning experience, but one full of fun and inspiration. Our dedicated staff and children will make sure that it is something you never forget!

We ask that all foreign visitors to contribute a minimum of Rs 2500 (€29, $40) which includes all refreshments, a traditional Indian lunch and a project donation for a day.

Accommodation facility available here.