406-407/A, 4th floor, Deep Sagar Building, Light House Road,

         Uttan, Bhayander (West) Thane 401 106

           Tel: 9004002009/9892270729/022-28451022.

       Email: ;




Legal name of organization: Amcha Ghar

Address: 406/407 Deep Sagarbldg, light house road, Uttan bhayander (W) thane-401106.

Year of establishment: 14th April-1996

Registration no. of Society Act 1860&date: – GBBSD-793DATE; 12 JUNE 1996

Registration no. of Bombay public trust Act 1950&date: F-18909DATE 18 FEB 1997

Pan no. &date: AAATA4122D                                         Date: 18 Feb 1997

12 A: INS-32718                                                              Date 24 Mar 1997


P.F: MH-KLMAL-216377

FCRA NO – 083990088 (Renewal needed after 5 years in 2021)

License No. Under J.J. Act 2006: 1031 (Renewal needed in 2019)

Date: 31st  May 2014

Managing committee president: Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias

Secretary: ParsadNarender Pathak

Treasurer: Mr. Pravin Harishchander Patil

Legal Auditor: Mr. Mahesh Desai

Honorary Lawyer: Adv. Vijay Mishra

Honorary Sr. Accountant: Mr. AnayBandgar

Online Registration:,, track the missing, Google docs





Sr. No Name of Trustee Address / Mobile No. Designation Age Occupation Pan card no Family Relation
1 Mrs. Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias 405/A, Deep SagarBldg, Light House Rd, Uttan, Bhayander (w), Thane- 401106 9004002009 President 50yrs Social Worker AWYPS6506K Nil
2 Mr. Prasad Pathak A-17, Shreyas Apt., C.O.D, Malad (e), Mumbai – 97 9821121068 Secretary 49yrs Business man AJOPP5155E Nil
3 Mr. Pravin Patil House No. 58, Murdha Village, Bhayander (w), Pincode – 401101 9821277543 Treasurer 49yrs Advocate AGIPP7260M Nil
4 Ms. Chaya Kini Kinni House, 51-Godhbandar village, postkashimira. Pincode- 401104            9920625349 Member 45yrs Advocate ALPPK4950A Nil
5 Mr.LeoChacko A-303, Sheetal Arcade, Indralok Phase3, Bhayander (e). Pincode- 401105 9833396568 Member 30yrs Professor AMJPC0907H Nil
6 Dr.Nita Mhatre 004/45, Gurukripa CHS, opp BPCI Quarters Gokuldham, Goregaon east


9892912929Member42yrsDoctorAKWPM3027DNil7Sanjay TharthareS/O VasantTharthare, 903 Harsh Height, 150 ft road, opp Maxus Mall (w) Thane




Sr No Name Qualification Designation
1 Reena A. Bandya Graduate Office In charge
2 RiyaBhosle Graduate Case worker  & Caretaker
3 SibleDiagoGhonsal Graduate Accountant
4 NishaBhumik Illiterate Cook
5 KavitaPawar Illiterate Care taker
6 Mohan Ravi Naik 10th Driver




Sr. No Position Names
  Chairperson PushpaChaudhary(D.C.P.O)
  Secretary member Agatha Susheela Dias
  Medical Dr. Nita Mhatre
  Counselor MsShrutiVaidhya
  Workshop Supervisor Sunita Sharma
  Teacher Ms.Valentina
  Child Representative Ms.Mayuri Gadekar
  CWC  member (social worker) MinalThakore
  Case worker Riya Bhosale



Sr. No. Name Birth Date Age Std Remark
1 PariSadaphule 10.11.2008 6yrs I1 Semi Orphan
2 PranjalSadaphule 10.11.2008 6yrs I1 Semi Orphan
3 Sadiya sheikh 02.05.2009 7 yrs I1 Semi Orphan
4 ReshmaKadam 28.10.2007 8yrs Iv Orphan
5 Asma Sheikh 24.08.2007 8yrs Iv Semi Orphan
6 DeepikaSoni 1.02.2008 9yrs Iv Semi Orphan
7 Fatima Shaikh 27.07.2007 9yrs Iv Semi Orphan
8 Jeenat Sheikh 19.03.2003 12yrs VI1 Semi Orphan
9 Maria Gracious 16.08.2003 12yrs VI1I Semi Orphan
10 Mayuri Gadekar 25.09.2000 14yrs 1x Semi Orphan
11 RavinaKagda 12.09.1999 16yrs X Orphan
12 Maya Sakat 14.11.2000 14yrs X Semi Orphan


Name Designation
Sanjay Narayan sonar Principal
Plechar Domnic Burken Clerk
Premlata Murlidhar Shinde Teacher
Mahesh Devji Solanki Peon
Bharti Pramod Soni Teacher
Offiliya Sunny Gadekar Teacher
Valentina Victor koprya Teacher
Dolsi Velerian Jiue Teacher
Thereza PrincyRathod Teacher
Priyanka Prakash Kamble Peon
Clifton Mathew Mumbaikar Teacher
Stafie Micheal Valles Teacher
Melsina Francis Gabru Teacher
Pritma Joel Zolar Teacher
Aruna Anand Harijan Peon
Minal Hareshwar Bhoir Clerk
Nazneen Gulzar Sayyed Accountant
Jivan Janu Khutade Peon
Afreen Wasim Khan Teacher
Sangita Bhole Yadav Peon
Vinod Jaysingh Indulkar Peon
Elvita Rocky Borges Teacher
Mikey Juran Munis Teacher
Vanita Lahanya Rayat Peon
Pritima Forstin Dunga Teacher
Sible Domnic Dimekar Teacher
Priyanka Francis Ghosal Clerk
Meghna Thmoreshwa Bhoir Librarian
Sunil Shantaram Aragade Teacher
Simran David Tolos Teacher
Suvarna Edwin Patkit Teacher
Pratishtha Pradeep Ghagre Teacher
Josna Babusing Pawar Teacher
Bharti Sana Vaghrai Teacher
Seema Maxy Landgi Teacher
Avelena Julius d’souza Teacher
Premika Rufino Kauru Teacher
Santoshisaybumhetre Teacher
Surekha Ratnakar Pol Teacher
Vaishali Nyayadhish Teacher


Amcha Ghar Organization is registered under Societies Registration Act 1860-GBBSD-793 and The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 F 18909. It avails licensed under the Women and Child Welfare, ISO Certified (9001:2008), Fit Institution C.W.C, J.J Act and donations are eligible for income tax deduction under 80G.

Amcha Ghar came into existence in the 90s with the aim of providing shelter to children who were orphans/semi orphans, children belonging to broken families, children of commercial sex workers and other children in need of care and protection. Ms. Agatha Susheela Dias witnessed a grave situation while working with the people in Dharavi. She encountered a girl who was repeatedly being sexually abused. The child’s mother was aware but could not raise her voice because the abuser was providing for the family’s daily needs. It was at that instance that she realized the plight of children living on the streets and their gruesome reality. Thus, Amcha Ghar organization for girls came into existence on 14th April 1996 and is in Uttan village which is about 8-9 kilometers from Bhayander city.

It is a home for girls dedicated to improving the lives of children in difficult situations (irrespective of their religion or caste) who are susceptible to all forms of exploitation and abuse due to their vulnerability; which comes from living on the streets. The home aims at providing good quality education to all the girls in an English medium school, to train and transform them into confident adult women who can live independent and productive lives. The house began with three children and is now home to 25 girls. Many children have been successfully integrated and have found themselves a place in the society. These children are listed among the leading students and are known for their loving nature and discipline. We envisage a society where these children are given opportunities for their growth and development thus protecting them from all forms of exploitation.


To produce outstanding citizens by educating them in a holistic manner thereby integrating them into mainstream society.


 We pledge to improve their lives with love, concern and dedication by medium of English education and human rights. Our main aim is to empower children and make them independent.


  • To assist street children attaining the age of majority to obtain suitable employment and live successful live independently.
  • To establish, maintain, furnish equip and manage dispensaries and outpatient clinics   for the treatment of those afflicted with disease/illness irrespective of religion, cast of community.
  • To educate, train and instruct adults of the community – irrespective of religion, cast, language or social status and for such purpose to establish and conduct adult literacy classes, libraries, reading rooms, technical institutions and recreational centers.
  • To establish, maintain, run an old age home, adoption Centre, shelter –home for street children.
  • To establish, maintain, run institution  rendering education in any  faculty ,
  • To provide medical help for chronicle disease
  • To establish helpline of ‘Amcha Ghar’ to assist needy and poor people.
  • To otherwise do all such acts, matters and things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above  aims and objects or any one or more of them



  • 12 girls
  • Ages: 6yrs to 18yrs

The Balgruh is under JJ Act. All the facilities provided are conducive for their overall development. They are supervised by the Government authority on a regular basis. Currently there are 12 beneficiaries residing in Amcha Ghar. Some of the girls are studying in primary school while some are in secondary school. Other girls have completed their term at Amcha Ghar home and are continuing their higher studies while some have found desirable jobs. Girls who are 18+ are studying for MBA, CA, Civil Engineering, IATA, BMS, interior designer and Hotel Management etc. They are supported by generous donors and sponsors. Some of them got married. We look forward for your support.


  • Director
  • Superintendent
  • Social Worker
  • Case Worker
  • Accountant
  • Caretaker
  • Beneficiary


  • 393+159=552 children
  • Ages: 3yrs to 16yrs

Amcha Ghar School was started with the objective of making education accessible to all the children of the village. Amcha Ghar School is a government-recognized English Medium school. We provide education to Amcha Ghar beneficiaries and we also cater to the underprivileged children of nearby villages. At Amcha Ghar School, around  children are getting education on subsidized fees.  AG School is under state board and it holds ‘A’ class standard.


  • Chairperson
  • Principal
  • Supervisor
  • Teacher
  • Office staff
  • Peon
  • Beneficiary


  • 217  children
  • Ages: 2.5yrs to 5.5yrs

Amcha Ghar felt the need of starting pre-schools in different places so that it would be convenient for the parents to enroll their children in an accessible school. Catering to more than 200 children, the Balwadis provide the toddlers with education, nutrition and recreation. Pre-school experience is very crucial for children as they adjust better in a school environment. Currently there are Balwadi in Uttan, Pali, Morva, Bhatiya, sadanand Nagar and Murdha Khadi. Each batch consists of approximately 30 students. The children and parents are happy with the teachers and the facilities provided in the balwadi. Amcha Ghar is proud to introduce a new balwadi in Bhutodibandernagar.we are still searching for donors


  • Chairperson
  • Principal
  • P.R.O
  • Teacher
  • Peon
  • Beneficiary


  • 150 children
  • Ages: 6yrs to 16yrs

This  initiative provides education in English, to children studying in nearby municipal schools. We have taken the responsibility of three schools and we have a team of dedicated teachers who visit the schools regularly to impart knowledge to the children. We are still looking for donors who can support the initiative.


  • Chairperson
  • Principal
  • Teacher (Govt)
  • Beneficiary


  • 30 children
  • Ages: Varying ages

Amcha Ghar has initiated a recent program for migrant children. These children and their families belong to the Warli community and during their off season, they migrate to Uttan in search of jobs. These children are deprived of education and spend most of their day roaming aimlessly. Hence Amcha Ghar School decided to mobilize the children and provide them with Non-formalEnglish education at the school premises. Children of the agency as well as students , school teachers who come here for internship have displayed their skills and creativity to teach this group. They are usually taught after school hours in the evening from October to May. Besides that our regular professional teacher dedicate their one hour everyday teaching them.


  • Chairperson
  • Principal
  • Teacher
  • Students/Volunteers/school Teachers
  • Beneficiary


  • For youth
  • Ages: 18yrs to 25yr

 Nallasopara project (Suburbsof north Mumbai and Thane)

  It has been observed that youth population is around 28% (2014) of the Indian population. Keeping in mind the need of hour, we have started a project for lower middle class students, who want free training & 100% jobs with the help of other retail Industries. It has helped to enhance their economic conditions. So far we have skilled 80 children and provided them jobs. In a year we equip 120 students from economically backward families. This project is being sponsored by Smile foundation.


  • Donor
  • Smile representative
  • Director
  • Program head
  • Staff
  • Beneficiary


  • 5 children
  • Ages: 18 above

The sponsorship program aims at assisting children who are pursuing their higher education from various institutions. Currently 5 children are being sponsored for various courses like MBA, Hotel Management, CA, Civil Engineering, IATA and BMS.



  • Donor
  • Director
  • Staff
  • Beneficiary
  •  Name: Maya Khan

Pursuing: F Y B Com (Mumbai University)

Education: SSC, HSC, IATA

  • Name: Julie Fernandes

Pursuing: F Y B Com (Mumbai University)

Education: SSC, HSC,



Tanya (changed name) is an orphan child. She lost her mother due to HIV at age of 3 yrs. Her mother was commercial sex worker as she was illiterate and lost her husband at very early age. Her mother wants to educate her daughter hence she approached to the organization to provide shelter for her daughter to get education. She was only 3 yrs, when she got admitted to Amcha Ghar through CWC (Child Welfare Committee) for care, protection and education. She was very calm, quiet and innocent during her childhood. It’s very sad about her that she doesn’t even know who her parents are. Her mother wants her daughter to educate so handed over her to Amcha Ghar. As we know, education is most important, so she was admitted to Amcha Ghar English medium school. The little girl grew up with care and love of mother, sister and father at Amcha Ghar. She has been loved and protected by other beneficiaries and now this little girl is completed 18 yrs of her beautiful life. She is perusing her career in 12th Std. in commerce faculty. She is very ambitious and wants to do Hotel management. Apart from studies she is very hard working and always help to other inmates with necessary help in studies. She is very Fond of Cooking. She has completed Basic training in computers. The journey from 3yrs to 18 yrs has been successful and admirable. Today she is working in a Five star hotel.


Sristi (Changed Name) was 3yrs when she came to Amcha Ghar. Her mother was commercial sex worker and lost her parents due to HIV Aids. She is orphan child transferred to Amcha Ghar for care, protection and education. She has seen her life as darkness. She is very sensitive and always remembers her parents. She grew up with love and care. All residents love her and cared for her.  After her std 12th .She completed her IATA course from Columbus university .Her journeyof life from 3yrs to 18 yrs was very remarkable. Beside her studies she is very creative, good dancer, good singer and good at arts and crafts. She loves her Job. She is one of the best employers.


  • Women & Child rights session (It was conducted by Social Workers)
  • Session good touch and bad touch.
  • Yoga and Dance
  • Safety and self-protection
  • Personality Development workshop


  • Session of PTA Exchange (Its important role in RTE)
  • Session good touch and bad touch
  • Street Play
  • Science exhibition
  • Sessions for Teacher
  • Session on school software administration
  • Craft project by Anjali Sharma
  • Personality Development workshop
  • Drama Activity from Versova
  • Choreographer trained children for dance
  • DeshApna organized session on Constitutional pledge
  • Safety and self- protection


At  Amcha Ghar (A Home for Little Angels)

  • Session by Mr. Bip
  • CWC meeting
  • Yoga session Divine Path
  • Session conducted on Self Protection for the girls
  • Children performed dance & singing at House of Charity for their Jubilee Celebration for 9 days.
  • SOS Workshop

At Amcha Ghar School

  • Children went for Jungle Book movie promotion through smile foundation.
  • Felicitation party for 10thStd was held & all the SSC students were given gifts & blessed for their exams.
  • Karate Classes & Kung fu  for self-defense is being given to girls
  • Visit to Magic Bus at Ka
  • Yoga session Divine Path
  • Peace Advocacy Committee Membership was obtained by Amcha ghar trustees, South Korea.
  • Children attended Master chef program on the occasion of Children’s
  • Visit to Nehru planetarium and science center
  • Movie screening- Chamakte tare and Shyaam chi shala
  • 8th March International Women’s Day- 2000 ladies participated


All festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show and all the girls enjoy the festivals with happiness and love. Amcha Ghar celebrates the birthdays of all the girls by cutting cake and providing new clothes and gifts. People visit us with food and other things in kind on birthdays, weddings or any other feast. Amcha Ghar beneficiaries offer special prayer for them. The girls at Amcha Ghar engage in learning different activities like making quilling earrings, learning baking and cooking various cuisines like south Indian, Italian, Chinese and salads.

At Amcha Ghar (A Home for Little Angels)

  • Garba celebration at Maxus mall
  • Christmas ,Easter celebration
  • Card making competition- Parent’s Day
  • Teacher’s day celebration
  • Guru Purnima celebration
  • Personality development session by Shirin Mathew

At Amcha Ghar School

  • Parents day card making
  • Independence day card making
  • Rakshabandhan activity- Rakhi making
  • DahiHandi activity to colourDahiHandi
  • Ganesh chaturthi card making
  • St.Jude feast celebration
  • Winter camp- Sports, Fancy dress competition and Christmas party
  • MakarSankranti activity- kitemaking
  • Flag decoration activity
  • Flag hoisting and republic day celebration
  • Vegetable salad, shev making and sandwich making
  • Eucharist mass in school
  • FIS group session with students
  • Drawing and essay competition
  • Card making competition- Parent’s Day
  • Tree plantation day rally and doctor’s day celebration
  • Guru Purnima celebration
  • Personality development session by Shirin Mathew
  • Drishti session by Vasundhara ma’am
  • Independence day
  • Teacher’s day celebration
  • Garba celebration and Moharram in school
  • DeshApnayen session
  • Session by Bip sir
  • Mataji session
  • Swimming class and chess competition
  • PTA Meeting-quarterly
  • Human Rights rally
  • Dr.Nita session/Mrs.MonikaKaushik
  • Celebrating ma’am and sirs birthday
  • Staff and management meeting
  • Prize distribution of sports
  • Handwriting session for teachers and students
  • Foreigners visit in school
  • Surya KumbhMela
  • Mayor’s Trophy sports and prize distribution
  • Regular tests and open house for parent



  • Regular update- google plus
  • Registered with Track the missing Child portal
  • ReOnline Donation – Payou and Kettogistration with


  • 400 school children on Smile Site.
  • Regular update- google plus…
  • Youtube- “Mumbai stars”
  • Article in newspapers and magazines ‘Bhayander Satta’, ‘Mumbai Mirror’, ‘Samana’ &Agari newspaper and GruhaShoba
  • Outsourced Branding (GPS search of Amcha Ghar home & School on Google & Amcha Ghar on first page of Google after people search for NGOS)
  • Online school Registration under RTE


  • Renewal of FCRA
  • Submission of F6 form to FCRA depart
  • Submission of Balance sheet to charity commissioner
  • Submission of change report regarding new members.
  • Obtained License under J.J. Act 2000
  • New admission under Child Welfare Committee/ Release of children
  • Change report submission to charity commissions
  • Monthly information about children strength  to CWC & DWC
  • P.F. No is obtained for the welfare of the staff.
  • New Pan Card obtained with new address
  • 4 quarter report to FCRA department
  • Gift deed to House to Amcha Ghar


  • School land on Relase is registered with registered for 35 yrs. On monthly rent of 300/-
  • Provident fund for staff-
  • Gift deed to school property/ Car/ House to Amcha Ghar
  • School obtained permission up to 10th.


  • Inspection commissioner sudden visit from Pune
  • Inspection from District Office is regular from different remand homes.
  • Child welfare committee plays an important role in the welfare of the child.
  • Even if child has to go for summer holidays with their guardian or relatives, permission has to be obtained from the department.-DWC/CWC
  • FC5 – Renewal of FCRA
  • Inspection from- D.C.P.U (Supreme Court)
  • Mapping of all documents from govt.
  • Mapping of resources from DWCD.


At Amcha Ghar

  • They spend time in Amcha Ghar and they are also invited for functions

 At Amcha Ghar Schol

  • Smile donated school bag and uniform, nutrition  support,TLM, salaries for few teachers
  • FIS interaction with studetns
  • They are sent Annual Reports, Greeting cards and they also share information of their own
  • ISKON provides mid-day meal to Amcha Ghar school.


  • Visitors were not allowed to click pictures
  • Visitors come to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversary with the girls.
  • University students from Netherland, Belgium, Switzerland came for Internship program and helped the girls to overcome with educational difficulties.
  • Welkar College, Social Worker College, B Ed College, Students from clinical psychologist, SNDT College and the students from several colleges visiting for Internship programs at Amcha Ghar
  • Students from Netherlands, Germany, USA, Brazil, France and India visited Amcha Ghar and spent time with the girls. They helped the girlsto fill the college forms and also helped to find sponsor for supporting school and college fees.
  • Amcha Ghar School: suzzane ,Joy, N.N, students



  • New Donors For Amcha Ghar- KosterAnd Trond
  • AMMADA Education TrustHelps For Sponsorship For Girls Fees {Regular}
  • Child Help Foundation
  • Anil Mirchandani
  • The Bridge Public Charitable Trust{Regular}.
  • Educate The Child {Regular}
  • MehrnEdujjiBilimoria Charitable Trust {Regular}
  • Mr. Shrikant{Regular} Dharavi Trust
  • Pravin Singhania{Regular Food} Once In A Week
  • Dr. Ketan{Food Sponsorship} Once In A Week
  • Global Education Trust
  • Leo Group Of Mira Bhayander Galaxy In Kind (Regular)
  • Other Individual Sponsors & Well Wishers.
  • Akikwala(Annual Donor)
  • Mininiwala-(Annual Donor)
  • Bastawala(Annual Donor) AND DONATED FOR OUR MbaSTUDENTS


  • Smile Foundation Is Our Highest Donor Of The Year
  • Dharavi Trust {Regular} 5 Students
  • Cmi …Sponsorship Of 10 Students
  • Educate The Chilkdren 20 Students
  • Smile Foundation Support For School
  • Child Help Foundation
  • Iskon: Service Of Food To School
  • Old Computers Were Donated By CMI
  • Leo Group Of Mira Bhayander Galaxy In Kind (Regular
  • Indian Umbrella
  • Kamal Toor{Annual}


  • Biggest Achievement Was  “Construction Of Our Own School (Ground + 1+1 & Terrace)” On A Land Which Was Given On ‘Lease For 35 Yrs  By Ms. Agatha Sushila Dias.
  • 100% Result Of School
  • Gold Madels At Sports,Swimming, Karate
  • 33000/- INR Won By Students From Municipal Corporation  And 4 Trophies.
  • Highly Appriciated Teachers And Non-Teaching Staff Behaviour  At School


  • 20years  of celebration
  • Beneficiaries attained 80% & above marks
  • Amcha Ghar got registered with for fundraising.
  • Elder children got jobs, started staying independent.
  • Premises were renovated & painted with the help of donors (only some rooms)
  • Re-union of children 1st time in 20 yrs
  • Rehabilitation & Restoration students
  • Amcha Ghar school internationally recognized as Peace Academy
  • Bank accounts of all children opened


Amcha Ghar School 

  • Children went for School Picnic cum science planetarium.
  • Children went to magic Bus
  • Amcha Ghar children celebrated Rakhi day, mother day, Father’s day, Children’s day, and everyone’s Birthday & foundation day.

Amcha Ghar

  • Children visited different NGOs
  • CWC Office
  • Home visits
  • Aged homes
  • Vailankani beach



  • Children are healthy and happy as monthly check up has been conducted by the Dr.Poss. They have been given a balanced diet so that they have sound mind with concentration for their studies. We do believe in that empty stomach cannot bring results for their betterment.
  • Children also have a health checkup once in a 3 month where different tests are done like blood test, etc.
  • Health talks are given to girls with regards to their Diet, Menstruation, Personal Hygiene, etc.
  • Dr. Karishma looked after our children dental care.
  • Dr. Nita  and Chhaya supported us with different types of medicines and tonics


  • Health talks are given to girls with regards to their Diet, Menstruation, Personal Hygiene, etc.
  • Dr. Karishma looked after our children dental care.
  • Dr. Nita  and Chhaya supported us with different types of medicines and tonics


  • Children have been showing good discipline at home as well as outside the home. They are behaving in a very good manner to themselves, other relatives, class mates, teachers, visitors and all others.
  • It has been observed by the donors too. It is very appreciable that children are growing in a very family environment.
  • Proper time to time value system is discussed in the form of sessions, tasks and stories.


  • Children’s meeting is conducted when the need arises. We also have appointed a head among the children who could maintain discipline among others and can be a role model for others. If there is any problem in the group they inform the founder or the social worker..
  • Children Committee has been formed as on election basis.
  • Prime Minister- Ms. Mayuri Gadekar
  • Committee member- Ms.Maya Sakat
  • Committee member- Ms.RavinaKagda
  • Committee member – Ms. Maria Gracious
  • Committee member – Ms. Jeenat Sheikh
  • Committee member – Ms. ReshmaKadam
  • Food minister -Ms. Jeenat Sheikh
  • Sub minister(food)- Ms. Fatima Sheikh& Ms. PariSadaphule
  • Health Minister- Ms.Maya Sakat
  • Sub minister (health)- Ms.Deepika Soni and Ms.Pranjal Sadaphule
  • Sports and cultural minister- Ms. Maria Gracious
  • Sub minister(Sports and culture)- Ms. Asma Sheikh & Ms.Sadiya Sheikh
  • Education Minister – Ms. Ravina Kadga
  • Sub minister (education)- Ms.Reshma Kadam

Ministers are given powers to develop their departments, bring any new ideas that are benefiting to all. It is very good activities to develop leadership qualities.


  • Different sessions have been conducted in the institution with regards to children’s right which can give more information on their own rights. Recently the elder girls at Amcha Ghar were shown a small documentary on Awareness on Sexual harassment at workplace.

12 Rights of children

1*A family environment

2*A stable loving nurturing environment- Children at Amcha Ghar experience a loving and caring environment where all their needs are taken care of.

3*Health care- Regular health camps are conducted for the children. Apart from that their health status is monitored on a monthly basis and children with weak health are provided with nutrition and care.

4*Education- Children are receiving good quality education in the school in English medium. The children enjoy going to school and learning new things.

5*Equality- Children are given an equal chance to grow and develop. There is no discrimination on any grounds.

6*Guidance- Children receive appropriate guidance to take their decisions. The staff as well as senior students helps the children with their daily activities.

7*Be heard and participate- This right is fulfilled in Amcha Ghar. There is a children’s committee elected regularly who address the needs of children. Thus every child gets a chance to voice her opinion and participate. Children in the school also participate in various activities and competitions.

8*Citizenship- Children are taught to be good leaders and citizens by means of various sessions and rallies.

9*Protection from abuse & neglect-

10*Dignity & freedom

11*Spirituality development- Along with Education, we also inculcate good values. Right from the date of admission, children are taught to spend some time with oneself daily evening and at night. They think of God before meal, before going for any outings, before Exams, for anyone’s Birthday, Special Request. They all believe that “God is one”. Specially designed common Prathna is recited daily. Different methods to become aware about oneself like yoga, suryanamaskar, maintaining silence, meditation &Reki are introduced.Pranikhealing session namely pranic healing is regularly practiced.

(This was developed on the base of United kingdom convention on the Rights of the child and Maslow`s law.)


Helpline No- 1098- (up to 21)

  1091-  (above 21)



  • First Sunday of each month parents / Relatives come to meet their kids in Amcha Ghar Premises. The social worker discuss about the child’s behavior and other aspects. They also discuss on the future plan of the child and its rehabilitation.
  • Special counseling sessions are organized for parents
  • Special meeting was organized for parents on J.J. Act.


  • PTA meeting and PTM meetings are regular on quarterly basis.
  • Open house is held after every exam for parents to know about their child’s progress in school.


  • Executive Body Meeting: The Executive Body Meeting of Amcha Ghar is conducted every 4 months. During the meeting we evaluate the performance, take new decisions and also formulate new policies. Minutes of the Executive Body Meeting is maintained properly.
  • Donor Agencies Meeting: Donor Agencies Meeting is conducted as per the need and request of the Donor Agencies.
  • Staff Meeting: Staff Meeting is conducted at the end of every month. Everyone attends the meeting. During this meeting review is taken and new suggestion is expected for the better functioning of Amcha Ghar.
  • Staff training: it is very compulsory to send teachers and our home staff regularly for training.


  • Internal Evaluation: – Internal Evaluation is done by the Founder and management on time and changes are made as per the requirement.
  • External Evaluation: – External Evaluation is done by District officer, CWC, DWCD regularly.


We are always paying attention to record each and every activity conducted in Amcha Ghar, keeping all registers and files updated with the help of modern technologies.

We maintain and submit all accounts & documents as per the request of the Government, all our funding agencies and to related departments

We have individual files for each Resident of Amcha Ghar and we enter the updates in that missing track web site every quarter..

Every month or quarterly we  maintain a progress Report of Every Child, where her Height, Weight and all other aspects are taken into consideration along with other aspects like Education, Health, General Behavior, behavior with the peer Group, etc. These reports are submitted to child welfare committee and funding agency.

Missing track site is updated on a quarterly basis and its password is changed regularly.

Children meeting, staff meeting, executive meetings, minutes are maintained

DOCUMENTATION  AT AMCHA GHAR SCHOOL:   Students has their ccd book which gives proper information of the students…results of every exams is maintained in registers and all records of students is safe in soft wear.

DEAD STOCK SCHOOL: This year we purchased a lot of materials like CCTV cameras, doors of the classrooms were repaired, and science lab, library, projector, Lap top, computers, , TV, sofas, tables & cupboards were gifted.

DEAD STOCK AT AG :New Refrigerator, A New Laptop, 2 Big Mattress, One Round Table, Washing Machine, Water Filter.


Accounts are dually signed and stamped and audited by the C.A and submitted to Charity Commissioner Office, Foreign Currency Dept, New Delhi.

Accounts– Income & Expenditure School

We Have Tds, Pf, Income Tax; Pt Proceeded By The Accounts Department.

Accounts Are Audited By External And Internal Auditors.

 Future Plan: 18-19

  • New balwadi
  • Garden house Pre-Primary
  • New Balwadi at north of Mumbai
  • Water tank
  • Painting of school
  • Escape steps
  • ECCED at north Mumbai