Amcha Ghar’s Group of Pre-Primary Schools




About Amcha Ghar’s Group of Pre-Primary Schools

According to the survey done by a representative of Amcha Ghar, it was noticed that the village children would refrain from going to school, as the school wasn’t nearby & they had to use public transport to travel to the school, which indirectly was an additional expense to the fees of the school. Amcha Ghar understood the needs of the parents & this gave rise to Amcha Ghar group of Pre-Primary Schools in the year 2014. The main motive behind this initiative was to provide quality education to them at their door step, thus diminishing the cost of travelling & charging education fees at subsidized rates.


Current Status

Amcha Ghar has opened 7 Pre-Primary schools in villages of Bhatia, Pali, Morva, Sadanand Nagar, Murdha khadi, Bhutodi bunder & at Amcha Ghar School Premises. Currently around 400+ students, i.e., approximately 60 students in each school, take advantage of the benefits of these group of Pre-primary schools. The students are given education at subsidized rates &  free Nutrition and Recreation. These kids are happy to attend school & their parents are also glad to have pre-primary school at their door step.

If you wish to visit & volunteer,  we are happy to welcome you to  volunteer at these Pre-Primary Schools!