I want to thank Amcha Ghar sincerely and wholeheartedly for the love, dedication, care, support, advice and general guidance they have given to me for ’17 years’. Most of all, I want to tell how much I appreciate  Mom & Dad’s (Founders) hard work & dedication for me & other girls like me. They have always treated  us as their own children. They have always made me feel that I can achieve and master anything I want to, no matter how off the wall or unusual & also help me formulate the plan to go out there and get it….
The guidance Amcha Ghar gave me – and hopefully will continue to give – spans across work, personal relationships, and future hopes and aspirations, as well as added clarity to the question ‘who am I?’ Who knows, one day the answer to that million-dollar question may eventually get answered!
One of your  (Mom & Dad) greatest strengths is that you both don’t measure me or others against your own personal values, and never seek to judge. Instead, you draw on your varied life experiences to provide an alternative view and a balanced, measured outcome.To date, you’ve talked me through career options, employment options, job interviews and you’ve pushed me to take a general look at my life overall, and never to settle for anything that’s not what I want. 
Long may it continue! THANK YOU  SO MUCH…. 🙂   


___ Ms. Kavita Shetty (21) (Ex- Beneficiary)