Name:  Baby Araddhya Pravin Tamhankar

Gender:  Female

Age: 20 Months

Address: Dahisar (E), Mumbai

Case Study:

Araddhya Tamhankar, 20 Months old is suffering from a congenital heart defect. She needs Urgent open heart  surgery but have poor financial conditions. The approximate cost for the surgery is Rs. 2,35,000/-. Her father works as a personal driver and her moother as a housewife. They have another daughter namely Sejal Tamhankar (5 years) to take care of as well. The surgery is scheduled anytime before 15th September 2018 & will only take place if the amount  is collected.

Estimation Letter:

Name:  Baby Swara Shashank Sasane 

Gender:  Female

Age: 16 Months

Address: Kalyan, Maharashtra

Case Study:

Swara Shashank Sasane  16 Months old baby has a congenital heart defect called (TOF) Tetralogy of Fallot. She needs Urgent open heart  surgery but have poor financial conditions. The approximate cost for the surgery is Rs. 2,35,000/-. The surgery is scheduled in the Third week of August 2018 & will only take place if the amount  is collected.

Estimation Letter:

Name: Baby Ishwari Satish Masal

Gender:  Female

Age: 8 Months

Address: Khati Telin Village, Indhapur, Pune


Case Study:

Baby Ishwari Satish Masal was 8 month old  baby, suffering from congenital heart disease. She was admitted in S.L Raheja Hospital, Mumbai. Ishwari’s parents have a very poor financial status. Mr. Satish Masal (Father) is the only earning member of the family. He is a farm labourer in the village of Kathi, Pune. His monthly income approximately 4ooo/- INR per month.Due to severe poverty they are unable to meet the expenses of the hospital. Ishwari’s treatment (Open Heart Surgery) will cost approximately 3,50,000/- as per the hospital.

The hospital approached Amcha Ghar for support regarding Ishwari’s surgery. Amcha Ghar transferred Rs. 50,000/-to hospital as contribution to Ishwari’s surgery. Her operation was successful, her heart problem is resolved.

Current status: Ishwari celebrated her 1st birthday on 1st August 2018.

Name: Baby Shruti Godse

Gender:  Female

Age: 2 years

Address: Aurangabad


Case Study:

Baby Shruti Godse is 2 year old female child, suffering from congenital heart disease. She is admitted in S.L. Raheja Hospital, Mumbai. Shruti’s father works as a helper and attaines 8,000/-INR salary per month. He is the only working member in the family and also has 2 daughters including Shruti. Mr. Shriram Godse is finding difficulty in raising funds for his daughter Shruti, due to his illiteracy. The approximate cost of Shruti’s surgery is 1,85,000/- INR.


Shruti was operated as she was very critical but had bills pending. Amcha Ghar transferred Rs. 35,000/-to hospital as contribution to Shruti’s surgery bills.

Current status: After the surgery she was still critical. S.L. Raheja hospital  kept her more 15 days under observance after the surgery. But her family couldn’t afford the hospital charges and decided to get her treated in a government hospital at her home town & brought her back to Aurangabad. She was admitted there for  almost 2 months. The hospital discharged her on 2nd July  2018. Shruti was brought home &  on the same very night at 11:00pm Shruti passed  away.

Name: Khushboo Yadav

Gender:  Female

Age: 6 years

Address: Belampur, Uttar Pradesh


Case Study:

Khushboo is a 6 year old girl, suffering from congenital heart disease. She is admitted in S.L Raheja Hospital, Mumbai and her surgery will take place on 26th April, 2018. Khushboo’s parents aren’t financially strong to pay the hospital bills. Mr. Barkau Yadav (Father) is the only earning member of the family and has 3 other children to feed. He works as a labourer in Mumbai. His monthly income is approximately 10,000/- INR. Khushboo’s treatment (VSD surgical closure) will cost approximately 1,85,000/- as per the hospital.


Khushboo was a very hard working child in her family. Despite she being 6 years of age, she  used to help her mother with the household chores. She was loved by all in the family. Amcha Ghar supported Khushboo’s surgery by sending 35,000/- INR to the hospital. She was operated on 29th April 2018 & her operation was successful.

Current Status: Khushboo is doing well. Post surgery she is now able to move around the house. As the medical procedures almost took 3 months of her academic year, she cannot go to school now. She  also requires to rest as she gets back aches at times. As per her father’s statement, Khusbhoo will be able to join school from next year now.

Name: Yashna Kumar

Gender:  Female

Age: 4 years

Address: Tulukoti, Tamil Nadu


Case Study:

Baby Yashna Kumar  is 4 year old female child, suffering from Actue Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. She has been taking treatment from Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madhurai. Yashna’s father works as a coolie at train station and attaines 6,000/-INR salary per month. He is the only working member in the family and also has two more daughters namely Mansi (7) & Jinal (5) apart from Yashna. The approximate cost of Yashna’s treatment is about 6,00,000/- INR.  As per the doctor, Yashna will be treated for 2 years to be completely recovered.



Amcha Ghar realised  that there are many other under privilege children outside  Mumbai that are under same situation and do not get much financial support as in Mumbai. Hence Amcha Ghar started approaching other hospitals in India with an aim to support the children. Meenakshi Mission hospital was one of them. The hospital shared the case of Yashna  on our request. We supported Yashna’s treatment by transferring 70,000/- INR to the hospital. Yashna’s treament isn’t a one time thing. It will take almost 3 years for her to cure completely.

Current Status: Yashna is doing well and needs to get chemotherapy done time to time.

Name: Rachana Bhure

Gender:  Female

Age: 20 years

Address: IIT, Powai (Adivasi Area)

Case Study: 

Rachana (20) was suffering from Brain hemorrhage and pancytopenia. Her father (single Parent) works in the BMC water department  & had 4 children to raise. Rachana had given her last year B. Com examination and was waiting for results so that she could start working and support her dad to run the house. Unfortunately she didn’t survive  the surgery and  expired in the first week of May 2018. Her family couldn’t even mourn for her death as  the bills of hospital (Approx. 7,00,000/- INR) had to be cleared.

Estimation Letter:

The hospital approached Amcha Ghar in regards with supporting Rachana’s family to clear the bills. Amcha Ghar transferred 30,000/- to the hospital in regards  to Rachana’s Bills.