Other Ways To Donate 


  • Send Cheque to the Registered Address

 You are most welcome to send a Cheque in favor of Amcha Ghar (Pay to ‘Amcha Ghar’) to the registered address. While sending the funds, kindly mention your Name and Address to receive the appropriate 80G receipt.

The Registered Address is as follows:

Amcha Ghar,

406-407/A, Deep Sagar Bldg,

Light House Road,

Uttan, Bhayander (w),

Thane, Maharashtra,

India – 401106.


  • Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating your Anniversaries with the less privileged might seem to be a magnanimous approach to charity and goodwill; assuming, as we do, that it would make the world appear slightly better for them. Amcha Ghar welcomes all the well-wishers to celebrate their Anniversaries in a Unique way to make it more memorable for them as well as to the less fortunate children. To donate Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner/ Snacks etc., we request you to book them prior. In order to pre-book your visits, kindly Contact us. Pre-booking helps us and the donors to not clash with another donors visit. 


  • Social Media, Activism & Online Fundraising

You can make a big contribution to the betterment of society by being active on social media. The Internet is full of big opportunities for those who are looking to donate and help society. Supporting Amcha Ghar Children can not only change the lives of unfortunate children but can also give you a lot of satisfaction and happiness. If you wish to drive a big social change, social media is undoubtedly the most powerful tool. Clicking pictures of the girls is prohibited as per CWC. It is important to keep the pictures confidential in your friends’ circle.

People spend most of their free time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a daily basis. You can become an online activist and spread the word by liking and sharing posts of NGOs. We keep designing online campaigns on a regular basis. You can help us display their work and achievements across different social media platforms and encourage your friends and relatives to join the movement.

Apart from donating money yourself, you can also encourage your friends and relatives to make contributions to social causes. You can easily engage with your peers and talk to them about the importance of donating to NGOs. Also, you can reach out to other social media users and convince them to work for the cause and make a big difference.


  • Basic Necessities

 There are other ways to donate than monetary donations. You can donate to help run the day to day operations of Amcha Ghar smoothly. Basic necessities like ration, stationery, toiletries, educational requirements, clothes, toys, etc. 

 Following are the list of requirements in details:


Provision Ration (Monthly)


Sr. No
1 Tur Dal 7 kgs
2 Masoor Dal 7 kgs
3 Moong Dal (yellow) 7 kgs
4 Channa Dal 5 kgs
5 Urid Dal 3 kgs
6 Kabuli Channa 4 kgs
7 Brown Chana 4 kgs
8 Chavli 4 kgs
9 Full Moong Dal(green dal) 4 kgs
10 Tea powder 1 1/2 kgs
11 Sugar 30 kgs
12 Chilli Powder 1 kgs
13 Turmeric Powder 1 kgs
14 Coriander Powder 1 kgs
15 Cumin Seeds (Jeera) 1/2 kgs
16 Mustard Seeds (Rai) 1 kgs
17 Garam Masala powder 1/2 kgs
18 Cooking Oil 30 liters
19 Maggie Noodles 60 packets
20 Semolina (Rawa) 10 kgs
21 Poha 10 kgs
22 Peanuts 3 kgs
23 Salt 10 kgs
24 Raggi (Nachni) 10 kgs


Toiletries (Monthly)


Sr. No.
1 Clothes washing Powder 10 kgs
2 Clothes washing bars 25 cakes
3 Liquid Soap for utensils 5 liters
4 Phynil 5 liters
5 Toothpaste 25 pieces
6 Hair oil 25 small bottles
7 Shampoo 25 small bottles
8 Face Talcum Powder 25 small bottles
9 Harpic Cleaner 5 bottles
10 Body Soap Bars 30 cakes


Educational Requirements (Annually)


Sr. No
1 100 pages (1 inch box) book 150
2 200 Pages Red & blue with gap 200
3 200 Pages (1/2 inch Box) book 150
4 200 Double line 150
5 100 Pages Plain book 150
6 Drawing book 3A 50
7 Drawing book 4A 50
8 3A jumbo Drawing book 50
9 Scrapbook 25
10 Graph Books 25
11 Long Books 250
12 Project Papers 25 Sets
13 Science Note Book 100

Stationary Requirements

Sr. No.
1 Pen (Red, Black, Blue, Gel pen)
2 Pencil
3 Eraser
4 Big / Small Scales
5 Sharpener
6 Sketch Pens & Crayons & Water Colors
7 Stapler & Stapler Pins
8 Compos box
9 Tiffin box
10 Water Bottle
11 Legal Papers (Green Papers) – 10 Pacs
12 Raincoat
13 Permanent Markers
14 Whitener
15 Geometry Box
16 Drawing Pins/ Office Pins
17 White Board Marker (Red/Blue/Green/Black/Blue)
18 A4 Size White Papers -50 packs
19 Box Files
20 L Folders
21 Cello Tape/ Double sided tape
22 Big Size Envelope (A4)


 Other Requirements


Sr. No.
1 Plastic Mats
2 Pillow Covers
3 Bedsheets
4 Blankets
5 Towels
6 Sanitary Napkins
7 Stools/ Chairs
8 Computer & Speakers
9 Music System
10 Water Purifier
11 Soft Music playing in all rooms
12 Inverter (Emergency Lights)
13 Good Camera & Lenses
14 Laptop
15 Office Chairs with Table
16 Washing Machine
17 Quick Photo Printer
18 Old Laptops
19 Scanner & Printer
20 Notice Boards