History Of Amcha Ghar


Background of the Founder

Agatha Sushila Dias, founder of Amcha Ghar, came from a very small village known as Madar Ajmer situated in Rajasthan. She was born and raised on the 26th of January 1967 by a Rawat Rajput family.  Her late father Armand Balu Singh was an Army Officer and her late mother Agnes Armand Singh was a housewife. Her mother was known to serve and help others in need, anyone who came to her doorstep was welcome, and she was a big role model for Sushila. Sushila inherited these value from her parents, and in order to serve the people, and to be a strong Catholic Missionary, she left the house at the early age of sixteen.


Journey of her Life

At the age of sixteen, Sushila decided to join the German Missionary. Her journey started in a small village and eventually let her to the metropolitan city of Mumbai. She started learning the English language and began her mission to help people in need from the Andheri slums. Later on, she served in Madhya Pradesh villages and Bangalore slums through a convent of the Holy Spirit Missionaries.

In the year 1991, she joined Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work as a missionary. But to her dismay, she realized that it was not her destiny that meant for a religious life. In the final year of graduation, she dropped the idea of being a Missionary and with 20,000/- Rs in her hand, she got admitted to the college hostel. And she began an independent life.

With a lot of financial difficulties, she completed the final year in 1993 and looked out for a job that paid her Rs 2800/-. During the last days of her Bachelor’s degree, she met Mr. Dias.

The next year, she got to know him better and they soon became a couple. In courtship, life moved well for a year and she even changed her plans of doing social work and completed her Management Studies.


Realization for the need of a home (NGO)

Life was going on smoothly, but in the year 1995, when Sushila returned from her Christmas holidays, she was informed by the seniors to collect a detailed report about a case of sexual abuse that had occurred in her zone during her absence. While she was investigating the whole case, a question was raised somewhere deep inside the bottom of her heart, “Sushila you work for 8 hours a day and you go back home in a safe environment but what happens to these girls at night, who do not have a safe living situation?”

After speaking with the mother of the abused child, Sushila was heartbroken. To her surprise, the mother had been aware of the abuse and did not speak up once, afraid that the father otherwise would not support their family.  It was heartbreaking even to listen to it and very disheartening to believe.

This story completely changed Sushila’s mission in life.

She was young and full of zeal to serve the society. So she took it as a challenge to do something for these girls and left her job. She started her research on how to save these innocent angels from the street and these evil men.



Amcha Ghar is an NGO that provides a residential home for orphan and semi-orphan girls, rescued from the streets of Mumbai. Along with Mr. Anthony Dias, her husband, she rescued a sexually exploited girl from the Mumbai Streets. They discovered that no institution would admit her because she wasn’t an orphan. Eventually, they realized that there were no homes that took in semi-orphan girls, those living in vulnerable situations. The girls were denied admission in homes if they had a single parent; despite the fact that the single parent often worked all day, leaving the girl to fend for herself or placing her in the care of sexually, physically or emotionally abusive relatives. After witnessing such helplessness, Mr. and Mrs. Dias were inspired to form a unique organization that would serve girls living in such situations.

On the 14th of April, 1996, in a village named Uttan in the city of Bhayander, a committed team of social workers, attorneys, doctors, and well-wishers joined Mr. and Mrs. Dias to give birth to Amcha Ghar. Initially, providing a home to three girls, it has now grown to a place that caters up to 25 girls and is still growing. They have rehabilitated many girls back into society by providing them assistance for higher education, and in the search for good jobs in reputed companies.

Amcha Ghar focuses on early intervention, rescuing and rehabilitating young girls from the streets. If necessary, it also provides counseling and economic guidance to girls’ parents or relatives, with the ultimate aim of stabilizing the family environment and improving their economic status, with as goal to eventually reunite the girls with their families.

An identity of self-worth and acceptance is instilled in each child through the healthy family environment at Amcha Ghar Home. Amcha Ghar now encompasses not only a Residential Home in the village of Uttan but also provides English medium education to the poor village kids of fisherfolk families, migrants, etc., at  Amcha Ghar School. The demeanor and discipline of Amcha Ghar girls have earned them respect and reputation wherever they go. Amcha Ghar strives to produce self-sufficient, empowered young women, who can succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive world.