This program makes it possible for an individual to sponsor the cost of education or total living expense for one underprivileged child in India. The aim is to support this child financially until she completes college or vocational education and is able to support herself. 

Donors can make yearly donations to cover the expenses of a child. Donors are matched with a student and will receive her periodic progress reports each term. Yearly donations can be made either online or through cheque, bank draft or cash. To retrieve more information on ways of donating, click here.


A child’s education fee structure is classified as per standards. It is as follows:

 Fees (Annually)
1st – 4th 10,000/- INR
5th -7th 12,000/- INR
8th – 10th 15,000/- INR
11th – 12th 20,000/- INR


To Sponsor a Child’s medical, linen, food, and clothing for a year = 20,000/- INR


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