Case Status: Closed

Name: Baby Shruti Godse

Gender:  Female

Age: 2 years

Address: Aurangabad

Case Study:

Baby Shruti Godse is 2 year old female child, suffering from congenital heart disease. She is admitted in S.L. Raheja Hospital, Mumbai. Shruti’s father works as a helper and attaines 8,000/-INR salary per month. He is the only working member in the family and also has 2 daughters including Shruti. Mr. Shriram Godse is finding difficulty in raising funds for his daughter Shruti, due to his illiteracy. The approximate cost of Shruti’s surgery is 1,85,000/- INR.




My name is Shriram Godse. I live in Aurangabad with my wife and two beautiful daughters. I work as a helper and make Rs. 8,000 every month. With this meagre income, even running my house is very difficult. Finding money to afford Shruti’s life-saving treatment is all I can think about but sadly, with no proper education, I’m failing to get more help.

With your help in the form of donations, Shriram can afford his daughter’s surgery.

In the seventh month of my wife’s pregnancy, on examining her, the doctors gave us the devastating news of the hole in my daughter’s heart. The doctors also told us that this problem is common among infants. After nine months, my wife had a normal delivery but my daughter’s body was too weak for an operation then. The doctor advised to wait for at least 2 years for the first surgery.

This wait was difficult for us, but it was the most taxing for Shruti. Because she isn’t anything like other children her age. Her weight is extremely low. She can’t walk or even talk. We tried our best to make her walk with support but her body just doesn’t seem to have the strength for it. Our anxiety levels rose when while crying Shruti’s body turned blue. It broke my heart to see her cry, she’s probably in pain but all she can do is cry. It’s the most difficult feeling to experience for any parent.

Shruti’s family is struggling to pay for her expensive treatment. You can help them out by making donations to their fundraiser.

When we came to Mumbai, we spent the first few days just running from one hospital to the other. She was also suffering from gastro at that time. When we reached the hospital, she started struggling to breathe as well. Her condition was extremely critical then. I was extremely scared. The doctors even put her on ventilator to support her breathing. I had never seen so many machines. I was petrified every second I was away from her.

Just 3 days back, the doctors opened my daughter’s heart for the first time. I couldn’t sleep the entire night fearing how it would go. Thankfully, the operation went well. But she hasn’t recovered completely. She’s going to need another operation soon. And I don’t have a single penny for that operation. Please help me out, I’m going through a very difficult time right now. Our family won’t be able to recover from this loss.


You can help Baby Shruti through Amcha Ghar, as we are striving hard to help this little angel

We request you to come forward & join us in this noble initiative.


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