Workshops & Events held for the month of  December 2017



  • Winter Camp

No. of participants: 380 Students, Parents & Teachers

Date:                          2nd December 2017 – 4th December 2017

Time:                         7.30 Am to 11.30 Pm

 Venue:                     Amcha Ghar English School 

Significance of the Event:

Winter camp is a special type of community where kids come together to have fun. Within the camp setting, children develop a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home. Winter camps are known for providing a safe environment where children gain self-confidence as they learn new skills.

Activities Conducted: Winter camp started with inauguration by principal with teachers, staff and children. Different sports material given to children to play different types of sports like Dutch ball, Wally ball, box cricket. Last day singing, dancing and ramp walk done by children. They develop their inborn talent during winter season by playing different games and activities.

  • Sports Day

No. of participants:  375 Students & 32 Amcha Ghar School Staff

Date:  18th December’2017 to 22nd December’2017

Time:   8:00 AM TO 11:00 AM

Venue: Amcha Ghar School

Significance of Day:Sport develops a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. It helps children to develop mental and physical toughness. Sport  shapes their body and make it strong and active. Children should actively participate in sports to avoid being tired and lethargy.

Activity conducted:  This was the school competition held in Amcha Ghar School where students participated in different types of sports conducted at school. Children formed different record of their sport talent & greenhouse stood first place in the Langdi competition. Blue house stood first place in Kabadi, Red house stood first place in Kho-Kho. Children played Kho-Kho, Kabadi, Langdi, High Jump, Wally ball, disk throw, running.


  • Christmas Party

No. of participants:379 Students

Date:  23rd December’ 2017

Time:  9:00am to 12:30am

Venue: Amcha Ghar School

Significance of the Event: Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. The name ‘Christmas’ comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service (which is sometimes called Communion or Eucharist) is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.

Activities Conducted: At 7.00 am all stoutens entered the School. Children dressed as Joseph & Mary, angel Gabriel, with three kings symbolizing the born of Jesus Christmas. At 9.00 am rally start from school with all the children’s and teachers including staff and founder. After that class wise carol singing was held, in that 10th std took 1st prize and 9th std took 2nd prize. Children danced on the music on DJ & also were given refreshment for relaxation.


  • Exposure Visit

No. of participants: 365 Students

Date: 08h December 2017

Time:  09:30 am to 10:30 am

Venue: Amcha Ghar School

Significance of Day: Going on a Educational trip means more than simply leaving the school grounds. Educational trips should always have a major educational element, but the impact of Educational trips can extend much further. The importance of Educational trips includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom.

Activity conducted: Students watched 3D movie on universe where there were briefed about the planets & solar system. Children were given refreshment to relax . It was an awesome experience for the children all together. Learning the Geography as a subject & also co relating the lessons such as Solar System, Planet Earth, The Universe. It was indeed a pleasant learning experience for all the children.