Workshops & Events held for the month of  May 2018


  • Maharashtra Day

No. of participants: 395 Students & Teachers 

Date:  1st May 2018 

Time:  7:30AM To 08:30AM  

 Venue: Amcha Ghar School 

 Significance of the Event:

The States Re-organisation Act, 1956 defined boundaries for the states within India on the basis of languages.The Bombay State that was formed as a consequence of this act, however, was composed of different areas where different languages were spoken; Marathi, Gujarati, Kutchi and Konkani. The state of Maharashtra and Gujarat were formed as a result of this movement according to the Bombay Re organisation Act, 1960 enacted by the parliament of India on 25 April 1960. The act came into effect on 1 May 1960 hence the reason of annual celebration.


Activities Conducted: Teachers and students of Amcha Ghar had come on 1st May to celebrate the Maharashtra Din. The flag was hoisted by the Founder of the school Mr. Anthony Dias following with National Anthem Song. Then Small program had organized for the Teachers.  




  • Parents Teacher Meeting (PTA) (Open House) 

No. of participants:  Parents, Teachers & Students 

Date:  1st May 2018 

Time:  9:00 AM TO 12:30 AM 

 Venue: Amcha Ghar School 

 Significance of Day: They only think that an open day is just a day to collect end of term, mid-year or mock examinations results. It is important for parents, teachers and pupils to take open days very seriously because at the end of the day, parents and teachers are able to find the best option for pupils, academically or otherwise. 


Activity conducted: Open house is also open day in school. On open day teachers showed paper to student’s parents and gave them result of final exam of 207-18.also parents teachers discussed about the students. 


  • Admission 

No. of participants: Office Staff 

Date:  2nd May 2018 TO 31st May 2018 

Time:  9:00 PM TO 3: 30 PM 

 Venue: Amcha Ghar School 


Significance of the event: Much of the stress surrounding school admission occurs because students and parents possess little first-hand knowledge of what school actually seeks in students. With that knowledge, students can increase their potential for acceptance to their top-choice school by focusing on those strengths which are priorities for the school.  

Activities Conducted: As we know that every year new admission comes. So this year also we are taking new admission.  When parents come for the admission, teacher gives them information if they want, Takes fees from parents, register student name on the register , keeping record for school and giving receipt to them and books. We prepared hoardings & prospectus for the school in order to attract more students & showing different activities through the same